Twelve summers, three kids, Three high tunnels, and countless goats later
...we're still in love with farming.

Our passion for creating the most colorful and nutritious organic produce keeps us inspired, because any farmer will tell you - it's not easy work. We are fortunate to have beautiful farmland out in O'Keeffe country, amid the dry hills and sunny skies of New Mexico. From when we wake up before dawn to the time we hit the bed at night, smart ecological farming is on our minds and in our conversation, not just for our enjoyment and agriculture now, but for the future of our farm, our family, and our community. That's why we work extra to ensure we stay Certified Organic. On top of that, ​we choose our vegetable and fruit varieties with care to bring up the juiciest and most flavorful options from spring seedlings until they are our summer stars.  


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